100 Year-Old Nutrition Professor: 7 Keys to A Long Life | Dr. John Scharffenberg

100 Year-Old Nutrition Professor: 7 Keys to A Long Life | Dr. John Scharffenberg

Nutrition Professor John Scharffenberg invited us to his home to learn the 7 keys to long life.

Born in Shanghai, China Dec. 15, 1923, spent his first 16 years of life in China.

Graduated from high school in Michigan in 1940 (president of my class), took premed in Takoma Park,

MD, then the U.S. Army put me through medical school at Loma Linda University, Ca. Graduated in 1947which in those days was called the class of 1948. Got master’s in public health from Harvard University 1956 (was elected by the faculty to the Delta Omega Society).

Served two more years in the army to pay for their putting me through medical school, the first year in Fort Ord, CA, the 2nd years asAmerican Military Advisor to the Chinese military in Taiwan.

Taught in Loma Linda University as a professor of nutrition for 62 years.

Worked in San Bernardino County Health Dept. where I became head of the department.

Was director of the International Nutrition Research Foundation in Riverside, CA.

Was on the secretariat of the Interdepartmental Committee on Nutrition for National Defense located at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Md.

Was Assistant Director of the Department of Health of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists.

Started the Public Health Education Center in Bakersfield, CA from funds due to the selling of the San Joaquin Hospital for 30 million dollars.

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Dr. John Ochsner, King of Hearts film on PBS:

0:00 Meet Dr. Scharffenberg
3:50 What should people eat?
6:11 The 7 keys to a long life
8:51 Statins
11:32 Controversy in nutrition
18:16 Intermittent fasting
24:20 Adventist vegetarian life expectancy
34:47 Too much exercise?
45:52 Optimism
54:53 Chris interview
55:51 Junk food addiction
58:56 We knew in the 70s
1:01:00 Raising kids vegetarian
1:06:16 What the doctor eats
1:09:36 John’s extraordinary life

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