Alkaline Vegan Coffee For Diabetics | Roasted Dandelion Root Coffee For Diabetics

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Dandelion Root Coffee has been in existence for for probably almost a century. Dandelion roots are known to be way more beneficial nutritionally that coffee beans. Dandelion Root coffee can be consume at anytime of the day because it contains zero caffeine. It’s high it antioxidants and is said to promote liver health and weight loss. If you’re Diabetic and are looking for the closest thing to Coffee without the caffeine buzz and jittery feeling, not to talk of the spike in blood pressure and the thinning of blood vessels, this is hands down the best coffee for you.
In this video, I’ll show you How To Roast Dandelion Roots and How To Make Dandelion Coffee. It’s so easy you’d give yourself a Godzilla sized facepalm. Dandelion Root Coffee tastes so much like Coffee. I guarantee you’d be shocked when you taste it. The good thing is, it pairs well with plant based milks and sweeteners. If you don’t care about caffeine, this should be your go-to coffee.
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