Athletes Try Working Out On A Vegan Diet For 30 Days

Athletes Try Working Out On A Vegan Diet For 30 Days

We got two athletes to eat a plant-based diet for a month to see how it affected their athletic performance and health.

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Various colorful dried legumes
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Young female runner taking break
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Blood clot in coronary artery
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Various dry legumes
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Three videos of steaks on fire in real slow motion
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Mixed beans
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Close-up panning shot of fresh vegetables on a table.
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young beautiful African American woman with curly hair running with music in a forest, close up
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Craft beer and traditional Irish pubs. Macro bubbles, craft lager perfectly pinned professional dowel. Pubs and bars. Freshness and refreshing beverages
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Sea salt crystals closeup in wooden spoon on a kitchen table.
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Chickpeas on a plate with vegetable toppings
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Pouring freshly brewed black coffee in a white ceramic cup.
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Healthy young beautiful fit woman training plank workout exercise at fitness gym. Slow Motion.
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Woman mixes ingredients of vegetable salad in a bowl. Close-up of stirring vegetable salad in a bowl. Mix the ingredients of a vegetarian salad. Preparation of vegetable salad.
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Grains of Raw Oat Groats Rotate on a White Plate Close-up
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Barbecue Chicken on the Grill in Slow Motion
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Young happy caucasian brunette man in his athletic clothes preparing to do some exercise outside and stretching his legs whilst sitting down
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Overhead Shot Of Foods Containing Healthy Or Good Carbohydrates
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Overhead Shot Of Foods Containing Unhealthy Or Bad Carbohydrates
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Group Young beautiful woman asian running on a treadmill at gym. Fitness and healthy lifestyle concept. Side view of girl in sportswear jogging exercise. Slow motion
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Cashews, almonds and hazelnuts rotating
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Healthy food selection
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Fried eggs or omelette and diced, crispy, sausage with bacon are fried in hot fat.
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