Benefits of Plant Based Diet (Science Based)

Is the plant based diet overrated? Hmm, if you’re familiar with this channel, you should know that I’ll try to get to the bottom of this question with SCIENCE, FACTS and EVIDENCE!

This is a quick guide to the plant based diet for beginners, as well as those familiar with it but looking to learn a bit more.

I’ll analyse the EFFECTS of the plant based diet, as well as the BENEFITS of the plant based diet.

Whether you’re looking to stack on muscle, or focussed on weight loss, the information plant based diet could help you. But what are the negatives? Watch to find out!

YOU should know by now, that this channel will provide you with a QUICK, CONCISE, FAST and most importantly FACTUAL guide to get that question answered!

Fitness4anybody was created to help YOU (yes, you!) with all of your fitness foals. It aims to provide you with FREE fitness resources. Mens health, womens health, in fact all health will be covered!

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