Bone Health and Vegan Diets

We have worked with the Royal Osteoporosis Society to bring you this video all about vegan diets and bone health. Sarah and Heather delve into some common questions and provide their tips for getting the most out of a vegan diet, and looking after your bones throughout your life.

0:00 Intro
1:44 How to protect yourself if you suffer from low bone density
6:16 Guidance for vegan teens
9:21 What’s more important – getting enough calcium or exercise?
11:51 What can you do if impact based exercise isn’t an option?
13:36 What type of tests to ask your GP to check bones and calcium?
15:44 How can vegans protect bones and joints as we get older?
19:14 Can my bones recover?
21:49 Further Information

For more information about vegan diets and bone health visit:

Vegan Eatwell Guide:

Teen Hub:

Veganism and older adults:

Vegans and medication:

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