Cow Milk vs Vegan Milk (Plant-based milk) – Which is better?

Best Vegan Milks 👇
1) Best Soy Milk –
2) Best Almond Milk –
3) Best Rice Milk –
4) Best Coconut Milk –

You might have a lot of questions when it comes choosing the best milk from the lot, such as –

1) What is the nutrient profile of plant-based dairy alternatives compared to cow’s milk?
2) Are the plant-based alternatives really milk?
3) Should we switch to vegan milk?
4) How healthy is plant-based milk?
5) Which milk has the best flavor?
6) Which milk is the cheapest?
7) Best and worst vegan milk
8) Is almond milk a good alternative to cow milk?
and many more…

In this video, I have answered all these questions in a crisp way.

So, watch the video till the end to get the full information on various types of milk, their nutritional values, and the best milk you should choose.

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