HOW TO BUILD MUSCLE AS A VEGAN & 5 Reasons Why People Can't Build Muscle On A Plant Based Diet

There are a bunch of vegan bodybuilders , fitness influencers and people successfully building muscle / bodybuilding / gaining mass and strength on a plant-based diet … Nimai Delgado , Torre Washington and Brian Turner just to name a few.

So why do so many people try and fail on a plant based diet? Are they eating enough protein … enough calories or even the right foods ? Too much fibre? Or why do they never build muscle / get bigger / get fitter OR remain skinny fat …?

In this video I discuss why vegans can’t build muscle easily or may be having problems when weight training / resistance training / performing heavy workouts then seeing no results … plus what to see instead in order to get that fitness transformation that you are really after. It’s also important to make sure you do some meal prep although it is not essential as you can get high protein high calorie vegan snacks / meals globally now which will fit into your plan.


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