Plant-Based Diet & Kidney Disease

What is a plant-based diet? And is it good for your kidneys? From the 2022 NephCure Patient Summit, Dr. Shivam Joshi, Clinical Professor and Nephrologist at NYU Langone, discusses the principles of plant-based diets, dietary protein, and how your kidneys may respond to this type of nutrition. He shares research and significant data on plant-based diets and how taking control of your diet may slow the progression of kidney disease.

Chef Duane Sunwold, a professional chef and culinary arts instructor in Spokane and North Idaho, joins Dr. Joshi to share his journey with FSGS and how he took control of his disease through a plant-based diet. He also shares tips and tricks on how to start following a plant-based diet, and resources for cookbooks, recipes, and some of his favorite websites that he uses both personally and professionally.

While Dr. Joshi provides the scientific data on how a plant-based diet can change the trajectory of your disease, Chef Duane offers practical and real-life recommendations on how you can start incorporating more plants into your diet — without losing flavor and variety!

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