Real VEGAN KIDS Talk About Being Vegan!

This video is for kids, by kids! Real vegan kids share why they don’t eat animals. If you’re vegan too or you want to stop eating animals, then this video is for you. You’ll get to hear from kids all over the world about helping the animals, the planet, other people, and your health by not eating animals!

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My AWESOME Guests & Their Links!:
Elvis, 3.5 years old, from Hawaii, USA
Elvis & His Mom’s Channel:

Kevin, 13 years old, From England & Philippines & living in Bahrain
Kevin the Vegan Kid’s Channel:

Ronya, 14 years old & Oli, 8 years old, from Waiheke Island, New Zealand
Ronya & Oli Bloom’s Brand New Channel:

JoJo, 4 years old, from London, England
JoJo & His Dad’s Channel:

Dylan, 6.5 years old, from Tel Aviv, Israel
Dylan’s Dad’s Channel:

Lexie, 13 years old, from “The South,” USA
Lexie’s Channel:

Carolina Ali, 13 years old, from Tennessee, USA
Carolina Ali’s Channel:

Lilah, 8 years old & Lex, 6 years old, from Massachusetts, USA
No channel…yet 🙂

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