Reasons Why You Should Not Become a Vegan

Reasons Why You Should Not Become a Vegan

Just a few reasons why you shoud NOT become a Vegan. Call it click bait if you want! But someone has to speak on it. Veganism is become more of a trend. This is leading people to believe that being a vegan is a fad and will phase itslef out, but these people just arent fully educated on why being a vegan is a great lifestyle choice. My goal is not to talk down to meat eaters ( I mean I was one at one time) My goal is to help expose fitness fanatics, and health junkies to the cleaner side of health and nutrition. It ain’t for everyody. Thanks for watching.


**Freaquently Asked Questions**
What cameras do you use? :

GoPro Hero3 on Pot:

Canon 60D:

Canon T5i:

Canon SX610HS (Vlog Camera):

Sigma 24 mm 1:1.8 Prime Lens:

Sigma 30mm 1.4 Prime Lens:

“How Tall are you?”-6’4″

“How Much Do you Weigh?”- 215lbs

“What do you edit your videos with?”- FCPX

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