Red meat, Diabetes, Plant-Based Nutrition for Performance | D. Harrisberg | The Proof Podcast EP#289

Join me in Episode #289 as I sit down with Drew Harrisberg to connect the dots between diet, exercise, and long-term health. We review a suite of studies that offer a holistic view of what it really takes to optimise our health, from unpacking findings on exercise habits and heart health to evaluating plant-based nutrition for peak performance. This episode is your guide through the complex health landscape, one study at a time.

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Drew Harrisberg is an exercise physiologist and sports scientist with a profound personal and professional commitment to health education and diabetes management. Diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at 22, Drew has transformed his life and health with a holistic approach to diet and exercise, becoming an emblem of thriving despite a chronic health condition. His platform, Drew’s Daily Dose, reflects his dedication to empowering others with the knowledge and mindset to lead a life not defined by diabetes but enhanced by informed health choices. As an ambassador for Diabetes NSW and a TEDx speaker, Drew brings both lived experience and expert knowledge to our discussion on the intersection of lifestyle choices and long-term health outcomes.

In this episode, we explore pivotal themes at the intersection of diet and exercise. We examine the cardiovascular benefits of consistent exercise, the impact of plant-based diets on athletic performance, and the role of nutrients like creatine in bone health. We also address common misconceptions about strength, power, and endurance, and offer practical insights into maintaining optimal iron levels and protein intake.

We discuss:
00:00 – Introduction
03:02 – Weekend Warrior Workout
11:02 – Insights from Our Wellness Retreat on Bali
18:48 – Managing Bone Density Post-Menopause
27:23 – Plant-Based Lifestyle: Impact on Aerobic Performance and Strength
35:33 – Roy Taylor’s Insights: Understanding the True Causes of Diabetes. Episode Recap
57:01 – Plant-Based Diet: Its Effects on Aerobic Performance and Strength
1:07:18 – Essential Supplements for Plant-Based Athletes: A Comprehensive Guide
1:23:29 – Mastering Plant-Based Nutrition for Peak Performance: Key Strategies
1:29:04 – Exploring the Danish Dietary Guidelines: A Health Perspective
1:43:51 – Portfolio Diet and Cardiovascular Health: Study Insights from Andrea Glenn, David Jenkins, Walter Willet
2:17:01 – The Link Between Red Meat Intake and Type 2 Diabetes Risk: Walter Willet’s Research
2:31:16 – Outro

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Enjoy, friends.

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