🎙 In this episode of #LifeisaSacredJourney, our host, Micheal Pope, engages in an insightful discussion with Olivier Mankondo, keynote speaker, author, weight loss and wellness coach. His mission is to help people who want to switch to a healthier medication-free diet. With healthy plant-based nutrition, Olivier has an objective to change the lives of people towards a healthier and happier lifestyle with no risk of diseases.

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00:00 Start
00:16 Welcome!
1:35 Introducing our special guest, Olivier Mankondo
4:10 Differences between vegan, vegetarian and plant-based
7:50 How did Olivier change his diet to a plant-based one?
12:23 Can Olivier cheat on his diet?
15:06 The detox process
18:57 Does Olivier take supplements?
21:49 What drinks are best for our bodies?
23:38 How biochemical components in food can affect your sweat
26:40 You can change your diet anytime
33:30 Free Online Masterclass

35:02 Your 7 tips to lose weight:
35:24 Thank you, Olivier!
38:41 🔴 If you need help, dial 988 or text 741-741

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