The Benefits of Veganism: Understanding the impact on health

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These are my Benefits of staying Vegan.

1. The results of clear skin. My moles fading away. My skin is smooth! I use no lotion 🧴 I use Dove and Healing ointment. I don’t wash 🧼 my face 🤫. I take shower 🚿 and use the Dove to wash my face at night, then moisture with the healing ointment all over.
STAY AWAY from foods high in phosphorus; milk🥛 Pepsi, pizza 🍕 cheese 🧀 chocolate 🍫Deli meat, hot dogs 🌭. Phosphorus is a mineral that works with calcium to make strong 💪 bones 🦴. Too much can crystallizes in your blood and it have to come out of your body by your skin witch cause bumps (pimples) or through your kidneys, which can cause kidney stones 🙀.

2. I never get Sick 🤒 😷 I only gotten sick one time (it was not my fault, I blame my kid) I love veggies 🌽🥦🥕🥗 (build antibodies), hate germs 🦠 (wash hands), and sleep 🛏 😴 (plenty of rest).

3. Better Sex 😍☺️ lots of energy and not bloated 😆

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