THE TRUTH ABOUT BEING A BLACK VEGAN! motivation, sagging skin, bloating, anorexia, + WHAT TO EAT?!

Happy new year guys! After losing 85 pounds, going vegan and sharing my weightloss journey with you, I am finally sharing how to go vegan in 2021.

Being vegan is not just about easy vegan recipes, it’s a state of mind and I am sharing my tips, tricks and story of how I became a vegan.

If you are looking for challenging things to do during quarantine, how about prepare to step out of the pandemic fit and with clear glass skin.



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Hi guys, I am Mombolwa. I love to create beauty and business content for the modern ambitious African woman — on a need to know basis. My channel is a personal reflection of all the things I am and aspire to be. I am an Electrical and Electronics Engineer by training, but I am pro-woman, business savvy, and a beauty aficionado. My goal is to pamper you, mind, body and soul. It’s luxury, elegance and black excellence from here on out.

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