Vegan Diet Plan for Weight Loss India | Vegan Weight Loss Meal Plan in Hindi | 7 days Vegan diet

Free diet plan. Healthy vegan weight loss meal plan 1000 -1200 calories. 1-week vegan diet menu for extreme weight loss in Hindi. Benefits of a vegan diet. Multiple option weight loss meal plan.

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This video talks about :

0:30 -Benefits of a vegan diet
0:58 – The difference between vegan and vegetarian | what is the meaning of vegan
1:33 – Tips to follow a vegan diet
2:01 – Replacements and alternative foods for dairy products
2:17 – Replacements and alternative foods for meats
2:28 – Which oil to take in a vegan diet
3:21 – Common deficiencies in vegan diet | problem of following a vegan diet
4:00 – 7 days vegan diet plan for weight loss

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