Why People Quit Being Vegan?

Why Do People Quit Being Vegan?

When promoting a lifestyle, it’s about balance. Ex-vegans are born when they advertise a fast quick way to lose weight, be healthy, and make food nutrition sound easy.

I’ve been vegan for ten years, and I have been saying the same thing on my page. A well-balanced and planned-out diet is sustainable. Mainly consuming a whole foods plant-based diet and counting macros is the key to sustainability.

Ex-vegans promote all banana diets, raw till dawn, juicing, detoxing, and many quick fad diets. The first sign of a vegan going ex-vegan is usually they change up their language. They are not consistent in the message they are promoting. First, it’s all raw, to juicing, to plant-based, then they are eating meat.

They will point and blame everything about the diet than taking responsibility for their actions, which creates a lot of confusion when it comes to following a diet.

Most people will follow the herd, unfollow and leave, or just ridicule that person like they are a piece of shit.

I don’t think ex-vegans deserve ridicule because everyone’s journey is different, but you should take action and follow people that will teach you lifestyle habits!

I never restrict my diet if you have been following me. You have seen me eat everything that is plant-based underneath the sun. 80% of my diet consists of consuming whole food plant-based diet, and the remaining 20% is processed foods. Yes, processes like tofu, tempeh, seitan, and junk food.

I’m a realist, and my lifestyle is not a hardcore or purist approach. I found a balance that works for me and all of my students within BodyHD Fitness.

Check out my IG page and look at all the testimonials. They are all happy with sustainable results. Never have to worry about regaining weight ever again.

If you are tired of following the herd and want to create your path to success, keep the weight off finally.

Comment or DM “New Vegan,” and I’ll teach you how!

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