Worst Vegan Protein At Walmart!

Here are the WORST Proteins to Get at Wal-Mart 😨🤢

Stay away from these:

👎🏽 Gold Standard Plant Protein:

What you need to watch for with this one is how many artificial flavors and fillers it has inside.

It’s a basic isolate protein but the fiber is low. NEXT.

👎🏽 Orgain Protein:

While this is 100% organic, the macros are not great. The carbs are very high and there is literally no fiber.

The carbs will turn out to be just straight sugar.

INSTEAD, try these:

⭐️ Organic Protein:

It’s very rich with fiber, low in carbs and very high in protein.

⭐️ Garden of Life:

Everything is 100% organic, it’s high in protein and dietary fiber while being low in carbs and fat…

… the taste isn’t great though 😅🤣

⭐️ My personal favorite: Owyn

You get 20 grams of protein, 5 grams of fiber and the carbs are low with moderate fat. It’s also extremely easy to get on the go so that’s a plus.

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