Alpro Oat Barista Drinks Now Offered in 145 Segafredo & Waynes Coffee Bars – vegconomist

Alpro Oat Barista Drinks Now Offered in 145 Segafredo & Waynes Coffee Bars – vegconomist

Tank & Rast is expanding its range of high-quality coffee specialities in the Segafredo and Waynes Coffee coffee bars in European service stations, with the vegan Barista Oats from Alpro.

Alpro Barista Oats was specially developed for coffee drinks and the requirements of the catering industry. It foams particularly well and goes well with coffee with its mild oat flavour. Tank & Rast customers now have the option of choosing a plant-based alternative for their coffee specialities such as cappuccino or latte macchiato.

With the introduction of Alpro Barista Oats at around 145 coffee bars, Tank & Rast is focusing on a diverse and high-quality offer for customers on-the-go.

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Alpro focuses on cooperations in the out-of-home market

In addition to the introduction of new plant-based milk alternatives and the expansion in the retail trade, Alpro is also increasingly focusing on cooperations in the gastronomy and food service sector. In addition to the latest partnership with Tank & Rast, Alpro was also able to win Tchibo as a business partner. Since mid-June, Alpro Barista Oats has been available as a plant-based milk alternative for coffee specialities in all of Tchibo’s 500 or so coffee bars in Germany.

“As the leading coffee roaster in Germany, it is important for us to always keep an eye on the needs of our customers and respond to them – in this case, the increasing demand for vegan variants as an addition to coffee. As an innovation driver in the area of plant-based alternatives with a young target group and the right products for our coffee specialities, Alpro is the ideal partner for this,” said Tim Bierfischer, Head of Shop Concepts and Coffee Bars at Tchibo, at the time of the product launch.

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