BBC: Vegan Diet Could Affect Intelligence | Debunked

Make no mistake, this is a vegan hit piece that only makes negative claims against a vegan diet for intelligence and overall brain health. The errors, out of date research, and exclusion of any positive points deserves a debunk.
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Original Article:

My Meat Made Us Human Response Video: 

Starch and Brain Evolution:

Calories in a human brain calculation:  

Extra: Protein is horrible brain energy source:

Extra: Animal fat bad brain energy source: “26–47% of the energy contained in fatty acids is lost if they are used for gluconeogenesis.”

Dramatic Anti-vegan Article 1 on Choline:

My Choline Video:

Dramatic Anti-vegan Article 2:

Dramatic Article 2’s Expert Conflicts:

Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Position:

Compilation of organization statements: 

Review Against Vegan and Vegetarian Children:

India Gender Ratio:

Study on Vegetarian Gender Ratios that doesn’t exist:

Kenyan Study:

Empathy Study on Vegans:

Empathy is associated with emotional intelligence:

Creatine Not Essential:  

Carnosine Not Essential:

Taurine Not Essential:

Vegetarians Equal Brain Creatine (slightly higher):

Vegan Health Quote on Creatine Study:

Duckweed B12: 

Swiss Vegan Study:

B12 Not Lower in Vegans – Spain Study:
“…differences in vitamin B12 and MMA…not found.”

B12 Not Lower in Vegans – Runners:

Saturated Fat and Alzheimer’s:

High LDL or bad cholesterol is linked to early onset Alzheimer’s: 

Choline Content of 200 calories of beef:

Industry Choline Study:

Brain Inflammation Neurodegeneration:

Lower C Reactive Protein / Inflammation on Vegan Diet:
“The average CRP level was 5.29 ± 11.7 at baseline and 3.56 ± 8.0 mg/dL post intervention”

Why people hate vegans:

Intro/Outro Song: Sedução Momentânea by Roulet:

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