Can you Homestead as a Vegetarian or Vegan? | Our Plant Based Lifestyle

Can You Homestead as a Vegetarian or Vegan? Absolutely! We have a plant-based lifestyle and have also fully embraced the homesteading movement. In this video, we share about our decision to adopt a plant-based diet and because of that, a vegetarian homestead. We talk about some reasons why a vegetarian homestead may be right for you, as well as an example of a really delicious recipe that is 100% plant-based. This a judgement free page, and by no means do we want to push any of our views on you. We do; however, want to be honest about our life, and this is a big part of it!

Are you looking to become more sustainable, grow you own food, and live this homesteading lifestyle as a vegetarian? Comment below so we can connect!

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