Deliveroo, Meatless Farm, Veg Capital and Plant Based Food Alliance Meet in New Webinar Series

Plant Based World Pulse, the digital platform of Plant Based World Expo, is launching a series of live online webinars on essential topics for the plant-based food sector. Insider Talks will run monthly and will feature key players in the industry. The discussions will be hosted by leading plant-based consultant Indy Kaur, founder of Plant Futures and former Plant-based Strategy Lead at Tesco. 

The first webinar will be on Tuesday 7th Feb at 2pm GMT and 9am EST. The event is free to join via  Plant Based World Pulse.

The first panel will be  

  • Morten Toft Bech – Founder, Meatless Farm 
  • ElenaDevis - Head of Vegan Category, Deliveroo 
  • RabinderHarrison - Commercial Director, Veg Capital 
  • MarisaHeath - CEO, Plant Based Food Alliance 
  • Simon Day – ex-Squeaky Bean and Investor  


  • How did Deliveroo lead the online delivery market to create a multi-million pound vegan category? 
  • How Meatless Farm became one of Europes fastest-growing plant-based brands available in over 20 countries, and what challenges lie ahead? 
  • How did Squeaky Bean go from £0 to £15m in under 3 years and what were some of the lessons, as well as the successes? 
  • Why plant-based has attracted so many investors, how they are fuelling change and why investment is becoming harder to find. 
  • Where did the early sales boom come from? And why this will be different going forwards? 
  • Is it only price that drives consumer perceptions of value? What role can taste, health or other benefits play? 

The webinars will include behind-the scenes insights from major players in development, manufacturing, foodservice, retail, finance, and advocacy.  

The series aims to give those who work in the plant-based field a space for open and honest conversation about the most pressing topics, challenges and opportunities facing businesses. It is aimed at anyone working in the plant-based field or those who want to support and understand the issues driving success, the hurdles the businesses face and how others have overcome them.  

The series has been created by Plant Based Pulse World Product Manager Damoy Robertson and Indy Kaur, after they identified a need for timely debates about pressing issues.   

Damoy Robertson says: “We noticed that there wasn’t a regular platform where professionals could learn from each other and discuss obstacles and wins. The space is moving rapidly, and we wanted to commit to a series where we can discuss important timely topics as they occur. With the industry moving at such a rapid speed and misinformation sometimes spreading, we wanted to bring the industry together in a way that is honest, open, and unfiltered. Those working in the space are often faced with difficult questions, but until now there hasn’t been a forum where they can go to listen, learn, and get the answers to these questions. Insider Talks hopes to solve that issue.”  

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