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Israeli Food tech innovator Ever After Foods, which recently rebranded from Plurinova, announces the official launch of its patented bioreactor platform to bring cultivated meat to the mass market.

“Ever After Foods will transform the food system by reinventing how we produce and consume meat

The cultivated meat industry relies on enormous bioreactors to scale production, which can be costly and challenging; however, Ever After Foods claims to have the technology to produce cultivated meat with unmatched cost-efficient scalability. 

A food-grade bioreactor platform

Ever After Foods aims to reinvent meat and feed the world by bringing slaughter-free, delicious, premium cultivated meat to the mass market. The company was spun from technology pioneer Pluri Inc. (Nasdaq, TASE: PLUR) and is backed by the Tnuva Group, Israel’s largest food producer.

bioreactor platform ever after foods
Image courtesy of Ever After Foods

“In less than a year, Ever After Foods developed a solution unlike any other in the market through massive technological advancements that evolved the original biotech-focused technology into a food-grade platform. We see incredible potential for Ever After Foods to transform cells into high-quality cultivated meat products,” said Yaky Yanay, Pluri president and chairman of Ever After Foods and CEO of Pluri.

700% increase in productivity

Ever After Foods’ proprietary scalable bioreactor system is more effective than other technology platforms, providing a staggering 700% increase in productivity while utilising fewer resources to grow cultivated meat commercially, says the food tech startup. 

“We can currently produce more than 10 kilograms of cultivated meat mass with just a 35 L bioreactor and have a proven path to scale and reach price parity,” explains Ever After Foods CEO, Eyal Rosenthal.

In addition to the production efficiencies of the platform, Ever After Foods’ technology would require significantly lower capital expenditures (avoiding investments in massive bioreactors), translating into reduced costs.

ever after foods' bioreactor platform
Image courtesy of Ever After Foods

While cultivated meat is unavailable in the global markets, except for Singapore, many companies are preparing to scale their production. BELIEVER Meats is building what the company claims will be the largest ever cultivated meat facility. Korean biotechnology startup Seawith recently signed a new partnership with Esco Aster (a licensed cultivated meat manufacturer) to produce cultivated meat commercially. 

This is not a fad

“Leveraging its unique production platform, Ever After Foods will transform the food system by reinventing how we produce and consume meat,” said Eyal Malis, CEO of the Tnuva Group. 

“This is not a fad. Addressing food security, health, sustainability, and animal welfare concerns, cultivated meat is the future of food. Our new name, logo, and branding underscore our ambition to deliver the future of meat sustainably ever after,” concluded Rosenthal.

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