Everything I Eat in a Week (vegan living alone)

It‘s time for another full length “what I eat in a week” – featuring lots of fun, tasty, pretty healthy and easy to recreate vegan recipes: Nutella & Oat Cookies, Lentil & Quinoa Burgers, Classic Spaghetti, Berry Avocado Breakfast Bowl … to just name a few 🙂 Hope you enjoy!

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I am not a nutritionist or health professional of any kind. My videos are not to be used as diet advice but as a source of vegan recipe inspiration and (hopefully) entertainment.

The INGREDIENTS are posted in the pinned comment!

Recipes in this video:

#1 Toasted Almond and Cocoa Müsli Bowl

#2 Nutritional Yeast Crêpes

#3 Lazy Coconut Peanut Curry Sauce

#4 Late Night Green Smoothie Bowl

#5 Banana Peanut Butter Porridge

#6 Quinoa Lentil Burgers

#6.5 Quinoa Lentil Oat Cake

#7 Avocado Berry Yogurt Bowl

#8 Miso Hummus Salad Bowl

#9 Vegan Nutella & Oat Cookies

#10 Spaghetti w Marinara Sauce


intro by Kid Bloom:
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