I Ate Raw Fruits & Vegetables For 90 Days And This Is What Happened | #THEGEECODE | Gee Bryant

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I’m Gee Bryant, the Founder of the Global online fitness company ‘X28’ – & I’m also the owner of The Loft Athletic Club, one of the country’s most recognized independent fitness facilities. To date, I’m a health & fitness expert, author, artist, CEO, & motivational speaker who has physically, mentally, and spiritually transformed hundreds of thousands of lives in my career. I acquired my study through the National Academy of Sports Medicine, as well as being a nationally accredited health & fitness coach through the National Exercise and Sports Trainers Association. I’m also a certified Integrative Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner. My current studies include Holistic Nutrition via the American Fitness Professionals & Associates.

What separates me from others in this space is that I actually live what I talk about. I’m a firm believer in putting myself in the fire first before presenting anything as truth. A lot of people can tell you what to do, but only a few can truly show you from experience.

Times weren’t always peaches & cream for me. About 6 years ago, I packed my car and my clothes and decided to embark on an 800-mile quest from Philadelphia, PA to begin a new life in Atlanta, GA. When I arrived, I quickly learned the harsh reality and demands of adulthood, and I found myself sleeping in my car. It was crunch time, and I was under intense pressure to make ends meet. With hard work, dedication, and an unwavering desire to succeed, I was able to use my God-given athletic ability to offer personal fitness training. However, as good of an idea as it seemed, the money wasn’t rolling in as quickly as I expected.

Once again, I found myself faced with the daunting task of building my reputation and business from the ground up, and I held free fitness boot camp classes all over the city before I made any real money. I was able to gain the trust and support of complete strangers to test my techniques, and their results were outstanding. My clients took to social media with their life-changing testimonies, along with before and after pictures showing off their new bodies, and creating a buzz for me as a young entrepreneur. But I wanted more, so I looked to help more people.

That desire led me to open my first gym in Atlanta, GA ‘Phlexx Fitness’ years ago, and from there with a lot of hard work, discipline, and consistency I was able to build my empire so to speak. I wanted to keep my core values at the heart of my business – respect, loyalty, commitment, responsibility, and excellence – so I always strived to create a supportive and engaging atmosphere for anyone that has come in contact with me or any of my brands. Today, I offer motivational content relevant to all walks of life. I understand how society has failed people in the sense that antiquated processes just don’t fit the climate anymore.


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