India’s Dancing Cow Launches Oat & Millet Milk, Will Rescue a Cow for Each 10,000L Sold – vegconomist

India’s Dancing Cow Launches Oat & Millet Milk, Will Rescue a Cow for Each 10,000L Sold – vegconomist

Dancing Cow is a newly-launched Indian plant milk producer on a mission to save cows and the planet. The brand’s first product, Oatish, is made from a combination of oats, millet, and mung beans.

For each 10,000 litres of Oatish sold, Dancing Cow will rescue a cow from the dairy industry, allowing the animals to live out the remainder of their lives in the company’s own farm sanctuary. Additionally, three trees will be planted for each 100 litres sold, and 5% of profits will be donated to an NGO.

Oatish is available in two varieties — Extra Creamy and Rich Chocolate. The shelf-stable milk alternatives will keep for 9-12 months without refrigeration; this is important because cold chain storage and transportation are prohibitively expensive in India.

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The Indian alt milk market

While India has a large vegetarian population, dairy products make up a huge proportion of the country’s traditional diet. This has made it more challenging for plant milks to become established, especially as imported Western brands such as Oatly are often not creamy enough for the Indian palate. There has also been some backlash from the country’s dairy industry, which sees alt milks as a threat.

In spite of this, the market for plant-based milk is growing significantly in India, largely driven by educated city-dwellers. Sales are also being boosted by homegrown brands, which are developing products more suited to Indian tastes.

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“We believe that every person has the power to make a difference in the world by choosing to consume plant-based foods. Our new dairy alternative brand offers consumers a delicious, healthy, and ethical choice that helps to protect animals, the environment, and human health,” Dancing Cow founder Aarohi Surya told Vegan First.

Oatish can now be purchased from Dancing Cow’s website, along with e-commerce sites such as Vegan Dukan and Amazon. The oat milk will also launch at selected physical stores in the coming months.

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