Is Chip Shop Curry Sauce Vegan?

As a staple cuisine of the United Kingdom, the food of fish and chip shops are super popular. As well as the classic food items served in a chip shop (fish and chips, obviously!), there are a number of different side orders and condiments available. One of these is, of course, curry sauce.

But is chip shop curry sauce vegan? Many items found in a chippy are not vegan. For example, fish is clearly not vegan, but even chips are normally not vegan either! The vegan status of curry sauce is similarly uncertain. To find out whether it is in fact vegan or not, read on and I’ll explain all…

Is Chip Shop Curry Sauce Vegan?

Chip shop curry sauce is NORMALLY NOT vegan, as it usually contains fish.

So, as it turns out, the curry sauce that is found in most fish and chip shops contains bits of fish. Although these animal products may be difficult to spot within the sauce, they will unfortunately often be there. I was surprised to discover this, as I assumed that chip shop curry sauce would not require meat ingredients.

This does not mean, however, that you will never be able to enjoy chip shop curry sauce again. This is because there are fish and chip shops out there which do serve vegan curry sauce! Usually, these vegan-friendly options will be signalled with notices or special signs within the premises. If not, it is always best to enquire within the fish and chip shop to check the vegan status of their curry sauce.

To Conclude

The curry sauce found in most fish and chip shops is normally not vegan-friendly due to the fact that they contain fish. Nevertheless, there are some chip shops which sell curry sauce that is vegan. These vegan-friendly options are usually advertised within the chippy.

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