Long Term Raw Vegan Has a Stroke: Why a Raw Diet May Not be Healthy

John from talks with his friend, David who had a stroke after eating a raw food diet for the last 16 years. In this episode, you will discover how a raw food diet does not make you immune to having a stroke or cerebral infarctions.

A plant based diet is often said to reduce the risks of having a heart disease, a heart attack, a stroke, or infarctions. Find out how a plant based diet alone does not make you immune to these serious health challenges.

You will learn David’s story and how Raw Foods actually saved his life. You will then discover the 4 reason why this stroke may have been caused so that you may be able to avoid stroke and heart disease on a raw vegan diet by making adjustments to your lifestyle now before its too late.

At the end of this episode, David and John will share there top tips for you so that you can be as healthy as possible on a raw plant based lifestyle.

After watching this episode, you will be better educated on how to better eat a raw vegan diet so that you are not another statistic.

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