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Ingood by Olga is the business unit dedicated to ingredients of the Olga group, a family-owned company based in French Brittany. Ingood by Olga is committed to better nutrition through plant-based foods, and they believe that good nutrition starts with taste. For example, confectionery is a fast-growing market where texture and taste play a crucial role.

PEPTIPEA® perfectly meets these expectations. PEPTIPEA® is a pea protein hydrolysate derived from European yellow peas. This plant-based protein has been developed for the nutrition and food markets.

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PEPTIPEA® is a foaming agent and an ideal substitute for gelatine, thanks to its functional properties:
Texture improvement: thanks to the swelling properties of pea peptides, PEPTIPEA® offers a light, airy texture, perfect for marshmallows or melt-in-the-mouth sweets
Clean-label: PEPTIPEA® enables the formulation of clean-label confectionery products
Plant-based alternative: As a plant-based foaming agent, PEPTIPEA® replaces gelatine, offering a plant-based alternative
Nutritional: Rich in highly digestible proteins, PEPTIPEA® improves the nutritional quality of confectionery without impacting indulgence.

Ingood by Olga has developed two applications with PEPTIPEA®: Vegan Marshmallow and Vegan Candy.
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