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Food tech startup Planted wants to surprise people in Kreuzberg with a “billboard of a different kind”. Comedian Oliver Polak took off all his clothes to pose in front of the billboard at lunchtime as a living advertising message for Planted’s first plant-based kebab without additives.

While the classic order is “one kebab with everything”, it is now “one kebab with nothing”. And just like the planted.kebab without additives, Oliver Polak also came “without everything”.

The mission of the Swiss company, which raised £61 million in Series B last month in one of the largest alt-protein rounds in Europe, is to be better than animal meat, in terms of taste, sustainability, health and price. Planted wants to revolutionise the way meat is perceived and consumed and trigger a rethink among consumers.

planted.kebab_Oliver_Polak, Planted Foods AG
© Planted Foods AG

“Oliver Polak is known for putting his finger in the wound and speaking his mind openly. The collaboration and the joint campaign are a perfect fit from our point of view, because we are also concerned with authenticity,” says Pascal Bieri, co-founder of Planted.

“The full kebab taste, but without animal suffering and without additives or burden on the environment, is what our delicious plant-based kebab stands for. Just as we focus on climate-friendly commitment without sacrificing enjoyment in all our plant protein-based products. If we want to trigger a change in people’s thinking, we have to go unusual ways – and that’s what we’re doing with this campaign!”

Markus Hensgen, Executive Creative Director of the Belin-based creative agency DOJO, which conceived and implemented this campaign, adds: “Planted is an exciting product that redefines the standards of the industry. For DOJO, it’s fundamentally about more than just volume and attention. Planted exemplifies honesty and consistency. That’s exactly what we wanted for this campaign – what’s more honest than nudity?”

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