That Vegan Teacher's “daughter” gets more disturbing, faces jail time for latest videos

A Vegan activist from Australia has triggered outrage internationally, after taking things too far with her public stunts, and was even banned from going back to her home state.

Protesting inside restaurants like KFC and McDonald’s, and stores like Louis Vuitton, Tash Peterson has made a name for herself with her disruptive activism. She was charged with disorderly behavior, and even teamed up with one of TikTok’s most controversial activists, That Vegan Teacher. Let’s spill some tea.

[V-gan Booty and Disruptive Activism]

[Indecent Acts in Public in West Australian Law]

[Dominion Documentary]

[Can Plants Feel Pain?]

[Collaboration with That Vegan Teacher]

[Legal Action]

[Moral Philosophy Behind Anti-Vegan Sentiment]

[Public Outrage]

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