How to Eat for $20 a Week! Extreme Budget Plant Based Meals

Today I take you grocery shopping with me at the 99 cent store and buy a whole weeks worth of groceries for just $20! I also show you all the meals I make for the week. My goal was to only spend $20 for the week but keep it as healthy as possible! (and vegan of course). I was able to get brown rice, black beans, split peas, tomato paste, walnuts, cashews, onions, bananas, oats, soy milk, tomatoes, peppers, onion, tortillas, blueberries, potatoes, mushrooms and avocados all for just $22! I’m so lucky I have a 99 cent store with fresh produce in my area to make this budget possible! On menu for this week is banana walnut oats, instant pot split pea soup, a side salad with cashew cream dressing, and black bean tacos with fajita veggies and fresh pico and guac! I had carrots and apples for snacks too. on the last day I kind of ran out of food and was left eating rice and potatoes haha so If I were to change anything I would get one more bag of dry beans and probably put back the blueberries! thanks so much for watching!

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