Insulin Resistance Diet: Why It Has To Be Low-fat, Plant-based & Whole Food | Mastering Diabetes

What is the insulin resistance diet? On this episode, Robby and Cyrus lay out the most practical details. Find out why the insulin resistance diet has to be low in fat, plant-based and whole food.

While you don’t have to be diagnosed with diabetes to be insulin resistant, it’s a threatening condition. So the team also answers some common questions about insulin resistance you probably already heard before (that’s okay because it only means IR affects tons of individuals and we need to talk about it constantly). And lastly, they walk you through the roadmap on how to reverse insulin resistance using your food as medicine!

So, if you’re looking for that healthy diet that still leaves you room to indulge when you want, this is it.
But you probably have concerns. What about protein? Or, what about olive oil? Don’t carbohydrates spike my blood sugar levels? How about the famous keto diet?

Well, you’re about to find out with some good science that Robby and Cyrus have prepared for you.

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Watch and Enjoy!
Cyrus & Robby

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