Miso Udon Recipe | Vegan Japanese Style Noodle Soup like RAMEN!

LAY HO MA everyone! If you’ve followed my channel, you’ve noticed that I absolutely love (and quite addicted) to noodles in hot soup! Whether its Chinese noodles, udon, ramen, pho…. The possibilities are endless, and there is just so much flavour in one humble bowl – just an incredible eating experience. Join me in this episode and I will teach you how to make a vegan miso udon noodle soup with absolute confidence! This vegan miso udon recipe is perfect for this cold weather!

– 1 pack udon noodles (frozen or dry)
– a couple pieces of garlic
– a knob of ginger
– handful of oyster (or your choice of) mushrooms
– 1 bok choy
– a quarter of a green onion
– drizzle of chilli oil
– 2 cups vegetable stock
– 1 generous tbsp miso paste
– 1 tbsp soy sauce
– 1 tsp toasted sesame oil

1. bring a pot of water to boil for the udon noodles
2. prep and chop your garlic and ginger
3. prep your bok choy into 4 quarters
4. prep your oyster mushrooms by peeling down the larger pieces
5. add a drizzle of olive oil into a hot pan
6. place your udon noodles into the boiling water and stir occasionally
7. add your garlic and ginger into the hot pan
8. sear your bok choy in the hot pan
9. add your mushrooms into the hot pan
10. after searing for about 3-5min, add about a 1/4 cup of water from the udon into the hot pot
11. set aside your cooked vegetables
12. place the pan back on the heat and add 2 cups of vegetable stock
13. once your udon noodles are cooked, soak in cold water to stop it from cooking
14. in a mixing bowl, place 1 generous tbsp of miso paste, tbsp soy sauce, 1 tsp toasted sesame oil, and the hot vegetable stock
15. whisk to combine
16. place your noodles in your serving bowl and pour over the hot soup
17. place your vegetables on top of the noodles and finish with chopped fresh green onions and a drizzle of (optional) chilli oil

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Hong Kong born Canadian, Wil Yeung is an international photographer, filmmaker, entrepreneur, violinist, and YouTube chef. He immigrated to Canada when he was a young boy carrying with him his ability to speak Cantonese and some broken English. Much of his culinary aspirations stem from his background in the visual and musical art spaces. Whether you’re plant based or plant based curious, Wil believes that learning how to make food can really change your life and of those around you.


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