Plant Based Diet Meal Plan For Busy People

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If you’ve been looking for a plant based diet meal plan that can accommodate your busy schedule, this video should help 🙂 I’ve been eating a whole food plant based diet for just shy of 8 years now. To make it even more challenging, I work a job that keeps me away from the house for 11 hours per day, so oil-free plant based meal plans that are simple and versatile have been a necessity for me. And there’s not too many unusual ingredients or pieces of equipment needed here. The only kitchen gadgets required to follow this plan are:

High-powered blender:
Slow cooker:
Onion chopper:

(in case you don’t have the kitchen gadgets above… they make the WFPB diet a lot easier!)

The plant based meal prep explained in this video is pretty straight forward. It involves planning out a smoothie for breakfast and preparing it the evening before. You can pile ingredients in a blender pitcher, put it in the fridge, then take it out in the morning and blend away. Huge time saver despite the incredible amount of quality nutrition provided by a green smoothie.

For lunches I make an oil-free stir fry on Sundays and it’s a big enough batch to last me the whole work week (Monday through Friday). Then for dinners I recommend making slow cooker recipes as needed. They’re often very quick to throw together – like the 3-bean chili I show in this video – and can cook all day while you’re at work if you’re comfortable leaving it on all day while you’re gone.

If you’ve been looking for a plant based weight loss plan or just some ideas on how to transition more easily, give the ideas in this video a shot. I’m confident they’ll help. They sure helped me.


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