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Carrot Juice Benefits (Plus 3 Recipes You’ll LOVE)

What’s up, gang? You know I love my juicing and lately I’ve been really into carrot juice specifically. These 3 are my go-to carrot juice recipes that I’m sure you’ll love if you give them a shot. Aside from showing you the juice recipes, I also explain the health benefits of carrots near the end of the video, so make sure you watch the whole thing and learn why these amazing root vegetables should be a staple in your diet.

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🥕 The Recipes 🥕

Orange Sunrise
(Shoutout to Nama for this one!
4 carrots
2 orange bell peppers
1 naval orange, peeled
1 cup pineapple chunks
1 lemon, peeled

Popeye Juice
8 carrots
1/2 lb fresh spinach

Carrot Orange Ginger
4 carrots
6 oranges
1-2 inches ginger
(omit the ginger if you don’t want spice in your juice)

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