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The ‘DickUp’ Smoothie | Dr Rachael

At 45, Royce credits this smoothie as being instrumental in the birth of his baby boy. Robert has had success with the Erection Smoothie and I’m elated at the results that thousands of men have had with my E-Function Smoothie Recipes. . .so I am making the fan favorite live.

0:00 Intro – Healing From Within
4:30 Smoothie Ingredients
5:54 Boosting Your Nitric Oxide
7:57 Importance of Each Ingredient
11:25 Putting it All Together
12:41 Incorporating This in Your Routine
14:18 Other Smoothie Recipes

All men should have access to this information. Food absolutely can be your medicine! Today I am making the The ‘Dick-up’ Smoothie Let’s dissect these ingredients and why this special blend works wonders.

DickUp Smoothie Shopping List:
Lemon juice
Chia seeds
Add-ons (spinach, fenugreek, honey, cinnamon)

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The ‘DickUp’ Smoothie Dr Rachael

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