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The Steakhouse Serving 3D Printed Vegan Meat

Nature-loving meat eaters rejoice, there’s a new vegan meat on the menu!

Josep Sanitjas is a connoisseur and a carnivore. Giuseppe Scionti is an acclaimed bioengineer on a mission to save the planet. Together they’ve created a 3D steak that not only aces the taste test, but sizzles, crisps and drips just like the real thing.

It’s fresh off the printer and onto the plate at El Santuari, a steakhouse just outside of Barcelona, voted in the top 101 steak restaurants in the world – it’s no surprise diners are more acquainted with exotic prime cuts such as wagyu, zebra and crocodile.

Discover how this unlikely pair are changing the future of the meat industry.

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00:00 This isn’t steak
00:15 The steakhouse
00:35 Meet Josep and Giuseppe
01:41 3D printed vegan meat
02:13 A greener future


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