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Transformed by RAW – Healed by the power of a Raw Vegan diet!

Follow along:
00:00 Intro
00:15 why listen to Kim
00:36 Intro by Kim, who is she?
01:13 why talk to the elders
01:14 how long she’s been a raw foodie
02:34 how she educated herself
03:31 keeping it real. Her struggles
03:48 how she found the lifestyle
05:08 biggest changes she experienced on raw
05:31 what she had
08:27 how she healed
10:02 how old is Kim? Is she off meds?
10:43 typical day of eating
12:00 is her family raw?
12:45 does she eat cooked food?
14:00 how she copes at home with others who aren’t raw
15:54 how soon she got better-timeline results
18:00 her smoothie recipe
19:44 does she supplement? what? her recommendations?
21:59 social situations. the protein obsession
23:56 advice for women-peer pressure
26:51 how to get started – her advice
29:15 detox talk
32:03 hormonal talk
34:26 weight loss talk – down 40 lbs
35:11 cravings and how to deal
37:45 fruit talk
38:40 other ways she grown younger
40:08 energy and stamina talk – the biggest takeaway
41:20 biggest change on the lifestyle
43:20 parting advice for women

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