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10 Raw Vegan Hacks You Should Know!

We all have little life hacks that we think keep us young and healthy right?. Yeah except one in two people are expected to get cancer in their lifetime and that’s not even talking about the other major diseases like diabetes, heart disease and Alzheimer’s. We think we know what makes our body healthy but clearly we are crazy, doing the same thing over and over thinking we are going to get different results! What’s wrong with us?

We need to be eating mostly raw fiber, water and enzymes to stay young and healthy, three things that are missing in cooked food and animal products, but are abundant in raw fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds! A raw vegan diet is the true fountain of youth that helps us avoid premature aging and disease but we resist it so hard! It’s like we have to hack our own brain in order to eat healthy! So if you want to be eating more raw foods in your diet here are 10 Raw Vegan Hacks You Should Know:

0:58 1) Front load calories!

2:21 2) Soak your nuts and seeds!
Truly raw nuts and seeds that I buy in my amazon store:

3:25 3) Clean out the GI tract thoroughly one time with a juice fast!
My video: How To Do A Juice Fast, Why You Need To Do One

4:29 4) Make probiotics at home!
The probiotic I buy to make ferments at home:

See the fermenting tools I use in my kitchen:
Fermentation lids:
Glass weights:
Wide mouth jars:

5:54 5) Sprout lentils!
Sprouting tools I use everyday!
Sprouting lids:
Wide mouth jars:

7:21 6) Eat seaweed!
The seaweeds I buy:

8:41 7) Don’t restrict fats long term!

10:24 8) Develop you sixth sense to pick out good produce!

11:42 9) Lift weights!

12:30 10) Use a green powder daily!
Recommended Water Lentil Superfood:

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Other green powders I use:

14:21 Bonus) Realize you’ve been fed a story your whole life that may not be true!

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