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5 Flying Tips Every Vegan Must Know

Flying as a vegan has never been easier, but there are still some important things to know before taking off.

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Healthy vegan corn bake food vgml hot meal on airplane flight tray with tomatoes and spinach and bread on salad vegetables closeup
krblokhin/Getty Images
new phone front isolated on white background
Issarawat Tattong/Getty Images

Flight attendants serve food and coffee to a senior couple on an airplane.
Pan Am/Getty Images
Cooking fruits salad close-up. Take away meal top view, Food delivery in closed disposable container, balanced nutrition. Fresh portion in lunch box, vegetarian dish. Healthy eating, diet, catering
aleksutkin/Getty Images
Healthy grocery shopping
Anna Puzatykh/Getty Images
Asian female flight attendant walking on aisle to serve food and drinks, including service to all passengers along the way. Cabin crew job and occupation duty inflight on the airplane concept.
Kiwis/Getty Images
Woman hand picking snack on airplane
Phurinee/Getty Images
Tourist woman walking in airport for vacation travel
tawattiw/Getty Images
Animated plane flies along a trajectory from Asia to America. Airplane travel. Airplane fly from right to left. Black world map from point pattern isolated on a green background.
tetyanka/Getty Images
airplanes fly on the world map
MimaCZ/Getty Images
Wall clock arrow timelapse on a green background
Vitalii Stefiuk/Getty Images
Banana pineapple grapes. Frame by frame animation. Alpha channel
tsirik/Getty Images
Beets carrots broccoli. Frame by frame animation. Alpha channel
tsirik/Getty Images
Inside airplane view – no people
Hispanolistic/Getty Images
6-1/2 Magic Hours, part 7 of 14
Prelinger Archives/Getty Images/Getty Images
Take away meals top view, Food delivery in closed disposable containers, balanced nutrition. Fresh cooked portions in lunch boxes, vegetarian dishes. Healthy eating, diet. Catering service concept.
aleksutkin/Getty Images
airplane landing the shanghai airport in the night
Yaorusheng/Getty Images
6-1/2 Magic Hours, part 10 of 14
Prelinger Archives/Getty Images/Getty Images
Booking plane ticket using smartphone application
vkasintsev/Getty Images
Virus. The woman takes off her medical mask and eats a banana.
Liukov/Getty Images
Asian tourist woman open the window on airplane
staticnak1983/Getty Images
MS smiling man sitting at table with friends in restaurant giving fist bump to waiter holding digital tablet
Thomas Barwick/Getty Images

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