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Brandon Carter vs. Red Pill Vegan – Keto Hacks

Brandon Carter vs Red Pill Vegan! Brandon Carter debunked. Real Men Eat Meat, Cheese, Bacon? #KetoHacks Brandon Carter appeals to his viewers inflated conception of masculinity by promoting keto hacks, his proprietary ketogenic diet advice. His sales pitch involves boasting to his viewers that real men eat bacon and fancy cheese and grass-fed beef and butter and mayo, and the only alternative to his way of eating must be a starvation diet of iceberg lettuce and celery! So you can either eat like a “beast” for you can eat “Punk food” (aka veggies). Unfortunately for his viewers inflated internal concept of masculinity, after eating an unhealthy diet of animal products high in saturated fat and cholesterol, followers of Keto hacks may find that their ego is NOT the only thing that becomes deflated.

Learn Your Way Beyond low-carb / paleo / Keto diet marketing and learn the facts about How NOT To Die:

I don’t need 30 minutes to debunk Brandon Carter. (Anyone seen Brandon Carter Worst Of The Fitness Industry)

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