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Don't throw out your almost-empty mustard jars! #hacks #foodhacks #mustard #saladdressing #shorts

🚨Never throw out your almost-empty mustard jars!🚨 Instead, use the tiny bit leftover mustard as a base for the most delicious salad dressing. This Martha Stewart salad dressing hack is genius—and so yummy. 🥗

“You never can get all the mustard out of the jar, so just put your olive oil right in the jar, put a little bit of lemon juice in the jar, salt, pepper, a little shallot, shake it up, and you have the most delicious salad dressing,” she shared on The Today Show. Here’s how to make it (no measurements, just eyeball it!) ⬇️

In a jar, add:
✅ Olive oil
✅ A little bit of lemon juice
✅ Salt
✅ Pepper
✅ Shallot

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