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First Q&A! Breaking Plateaus, Periodization, Beginner Training Tips, Gf, Veganism

QUICK LINKS to various Chapters in the description! The first Q&A of this channel is out! Thank you for your questions! It got longer than I expected (as always), here are some quick links to the different topics in case you don’t wanna sit through the whole thing 🙂

Personal Climbing Progress: 0:32
What made me start Climbing + Beginner Tips: 1:40
Bicep Measurements: 2:52
Height: 3:40
My heaviest Injury: 3:51
Scary Climbing Moments + Free Soloing: 5:06
My Studies: 6:38
My Approach on a Climbing Project: 6:47
Breaking Plateaus + Periodization: 7:22
Girlfriend + Personal Stuff: 8:33
What did I learn by doing Climbing Videos? 9:16
Veganism: 11:30
The Importance of Body Weight: 14:47
Climbing VS Real Life Responsibilities: 15:32

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First Q&A ! Breaking Plateaus, Periodization, Beginner Training Tips, Girlfriend, Veganism by Mani the Monkey

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