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Oil-Free Popcorn Tips + Chili Cheez Popcorn Recipe (Vegan, Air Popped)

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***UPDATE*** Since posting this video, we have discovered that Pop Zest recently changed their recipes. Unlike the packages we have in our pantry, all three varieties now list either extra virgin olive oil or sunflower oil as their final ingredient. The packages in our pantry also list a variety of tree nuts as ingredients, but those are not included in the newer versions. Please read any labels carefully before purchasing if you have any specific restrictions / allergies!

Brian LOVES going to movies, and his favorite part used to be getting a nice, giant tub of popcorn. Unfortunately, movie theater popcorn is full of oil, butter, salt and who knows what else, so it is off limits for us on our whole food, plant-based diet.

A few weeks ago, we finally made it to the theater to see Detective Pikachu. It was so good! Afterwards, Brian wanted some popcorn, so we went home and got our air popper out. It can be tricky to make oil-free popcorn taste delicious, but Brian has been experimenting with different methods and seasoning mixes over the past year, so we thought we’d share his findings!

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Check out our friend Martin The Great Potato Mage on YouTube: He started his diet with plain potatoes and has switched to a mostly whole food, plant-based diet as well. He posts daily vlog updates and is an all-around great guy. 🙂

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