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ONLY buying the CHEAPEST item from each aisle! EXTREME BUDGET food haul

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Hey FreeGang! Thanks for tuning into another food shopping video! 🙏😃
Today we are doing an extreme budget food shopping video as we are only buying the cheapest food item from each supermarket aisle!
We make these videos to bring smiles and entertain you, these videos are also good for anyone looking for money saving tips, shopping on a budget, anyone conscious of the cost of living or their financial situation, or anyone just trying to save money! So hopefully it can help you with personal finance and making money!


Welcome to Family Freedom!
We are Katie, Bob, JoJo, Jamie and Sam a family sharing our life with you!
We are a vegan family, and our two favourite things are travelling and shopping! We love sharing our fun travel adventures and our fun shopping challenges! We are passionate about helping people with budgeting, shopping on a budget, money saving and general finance. Whether you are here for a travel vlog, shopping vlog or just one of our everyday family vlogs we appreciate you being here!!

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