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Top 5 vegan weight loss hacks//How I lost 40 pounds

Hey guys, in this video I breakdown 5 weight loss tips when starting out on your weight loss journey! All these tips are easy to follow, will help you stay consistent and keep you on track to losing more weight.

Here are a few things you should know about losing weight.
You MUST be in a calorie deficit!!

Just because you need to be in a calorie deficit doesn’t mean that you need to count calories, in fact, I did a podcast episode on it which breaks down whether you should you be calorie counting or not πŸ‘‡

To learn more about calorie density and how it can help you on your weight loss journey, check out some of my other videos or go to my website to find out more at

In this video I talk about prepping your starches. Here is a video I made about how to bake the perfect sweet potato πŸ‘‡

Average calorie needs according to this study πŸ‘‡

Check out my podcast for more weight loss tips and hacks!! πŸ‘‡

Doctor Lisle’s book, The Pleasure TrapπŸ‘‡

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