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Uncommon Raw Vegan Lifestyle Tips to Achieve the Best Health Ever

Uncommon Raw Vegan Lifestyle Tips to Achieve the Best Health Ever

John from interviews Dr. Craig Sommers, ND, CN, who has been eating a raw vegan diet for the last 25 years. He will share with you uncommon tips to ensure a greater level of health that is not normally talked about.

In this episode, you will learn more about eating raw foods, cooked foods, packaged food, dried fruit, salt, fermented foods, food testing, nutrient testing, DNA testing, grains, radiation, stress and much, much more.

You will discover many advanced tips from Dr. Sommers who has been living and researching how to be optimally healthy over the last 25 years.

Jump to the following parts of this episode:
01:27 Who is Dr. Craig Sommers?
02:01 What is a Raw Foodist? Is it necessary to be 100% raw?
02:49 Don’t Eat the Same Foods Every Day
03:10 Determining Nutritional Deficiencies
04:13 Heat-Processed Foods I Eat
05:22 Steamed vs Boiling
06:55 Problem with Eating Salt
07:48 Salt is not a Health Food
08:20 Dried Fruit
09:44 Foods Packaged in Plastic
11:23 Fermented Foods
13:20 Food Zoomer Tests – Some properties in Food May Cause Problems
14:44 How can you tell these tests are accurate?
16:18 Listen to your body
16:35 Most important tip for making food choices
18:11 Eating Grains – Choose Organic For Sure
21:03 Omega 6 Essential Fatty Acids
22:45 EPA and DHA supplement
25:06 Eat Lower on the Food Chain
25:33 Test to Check in to See How You are Doing
26:48 Anti Radiation Clothing
29:04 Y-Shield Paint to Protect Yourself from Radiation
31:48 Protect Your Health
32:33 How to measure EMF – Trifield TF2 Meter
35:00 Stress is Harmful
37:37 The importance of DNA Testing for Health
39:20 How you can get ahold of Dr. Craig Sommers

After watching this episode, you will learn many uncommon tips you can start to implement in your life to have a higher level of health.

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