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Vegan Macarons (foolproof recipe with the tips & tricks)| Eggless macarons recipe |Aquafaba Macarons

Vegan Macarons (foolproof recipe with the tips & tricks)| Eggless macarons recipe |Aquafaba Macarons

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Ingredients :
110 gms : Almond Flour
110 gms : Powdered Sugar
1/3 cup : Reduced Aquafaba(from 3/4 cup of aquafaba)
66 gms : Granulated Sugar
1/4 TSP : Cream of Tartar
Gel Food color if using any

The first thing you need to do is preper your aquafaba. I am using canned chickpea beans here., first open the can ,Drain the beans and add the liquid to a saucepan.
From one can I got about 2/3 cup of aquafaba but for this recipe we will be needing 3/4 cup of aquafaba so take the measurement accordingly. Transfer the saucepan on to stove top and reduce the liquid by about a third.  So we need reduce the liquid till it reaches 1/3 cup.
Now transfer this into refrigerator and let it rest for minimum 2-3 hours.

measure out your dry ingredients. you absolutely need a kitchen scale that weighs grams.

3, cleaning and gather all your supplies ready

4, keep the balloon whisk attached to the mixer set ur mixer bowl
Add reduced aquafaba in it . Turn the mixer up to medium high speed initially. U can also use hand mixer here but if u have stand mixer then I would recommend to use that as its gonna take some time.v Once the liquid turns foamy like this add cream of tartar.
Now turn the mixer on and let it come to the stage where the meringue has soft peaks.

When the meringue is at soft peaks, which means that when you lift the whisk out of the fluff, it forms little mountains that fall over and wiggle a lot. At that point of time start adding granulated sugar little at a time.
And now Continue to whip until the aquafaba achieves stiff peaks.

 Using the back of the spatula, press the mixture on the side of the bowl as you fold it in. Don’t be afraid to be quite forceful when mixing it and make sure you scrape the bottom and sides of the bowl. The consistency of the batter is very important.
You don’t want to over fold the batter, so always in between. Like so..

underfolding and overfolding batter is pretty much where most macaron batches go bad.  The folding itself is not difficult, but figuring out when to stop is. 

the Another way to check if the batter is ready or not. Grab some batter from your spatula and make folds. the batter should fall effortlessly and If it melds back into the batter within 20 seconds, you’re done.
Pour batter in piping bag, and when you are ready to pipe, close the top of the bag and untwist. Pipe directly down onto the baking sheet or parchment paper and make circles and spaced slightly apart as the macarons will spread when cooking. I like to count to five as I do each one to try to be consistent in size.

Carefully but forcefully knock the trays against your worktop 2-3 times to release any air bubbles. If you have stubborn bubbles, you can pop them with the help of a toothpick, 

Leave them to dry out for an hour or longer (may be 2-3 hours) until the tops are dry to touch. If u r living in a place where humidity is more, its gonna take long time. In short u have to wait until the surface is dry to touch.

Once you see that the macaron are no longer shiny and you can lightly run your finger along the surface without it sticking to you, it is the time to put them into the oven

Use middle rack or top rack to bake the macarons.

my macarons were done in 30 mins. after 20 mins of baking turn off the oven and then let it be into the oven for another 10 mins then open the door take them out.

However, the oven temperature differs the type of oven u have so do experiment on it.

Do not attempt to remove your macarons yet! Wait until they are totally cool, and they should peel right off. If they don’t, pop the tray in the freezer for 3-5 minutes and then they will.

Eggless Macarons Recipe How To Make Aquafaba Macaroons At Home
Learn how to make Eggless Macarons Recipe at home. Macaroons are a French cookie recipe and I made from Aquafaba and it turns out awesome at home. I am sharing simple and best French macarons recipe step by step so you can also make at home very easily. I also teach macarons filling recipe in this video so it makes it more delicious. This is turning out so delicious and tasty and loved by all age groups.
Do, try at home and give your feedback.

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