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Veganism, Anime & Street Fights ft. The Boys | The Alt Project | EP 03

Description: The boys share stories of whacking, getting whacked, ponder on Veganism for a bit and go on and on about anime characters.

Disclaimer – The Alt Project is a podcast with raw and undressed discussions coupled with (dark) humor. Conversations here involve individual experiences and perspectives. Being considerate and diplomatic are two things you don’t expect from us—if you are sensitive or are easily offended, it’s time for you to learn The Alt of not giving a F#&@!!

Instagram – @the.alt.project

00:00 – Dussehra
01:54 – Diet Hacks
04:04 – Thoughts on Veganism
11:42 – Omkar’s Street Fight #1
29:30 – Omkar’s Street Fight #2
32:52 – Kishan Got Jumped!
40:55 – BAKI HANMA!
43:10 – Seijūrō Akashi
44:37 – Anime inspirations
52:25 – DON’T MISS THIS!!

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