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Vegans think they don’t kill animals but they do

Should vegans abandon their diet because they can’t possibly cause zero animal deaths? From his PlayGround interview, it appears that renowned’ Argentine naturalist Claudio Bertonatti thinks they should.
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My Animal Consciousness Video:

3.2 Million wild animal killed by USDA in 2015:

Beef: “1 percent of gross animal feed energy into food for people”:

“…up to 80 percent by some estimates — has been through a feedlot.”

“…only 30% of the country’s original forests remain.”

Vegans require 1/6 the land of standard omnivore diets:

Argentina Beef Consumption Ranking:

“3 million hectares of forest were destroyed in the past decade to make space for grain production and grazing land.” & IICA 30% emissions from cattle.

“At present, 35% (weight basis) of total GHG emissions come from cattle”

70% of Amazon deforestation for cattle:

Animal Deaths per million calorie beef vs grain:

World Wildlife Foundation Argentina Cattle Problem:

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